PTO Calendar
*Please note that some dates are subject to change.  Changes will be communicated through the Wednesday E-Envelope.

SEPTEMBER – Math Mania/OPT OUT                        

            19         Little Caesar Pizza Orders start   

            26        Room Representative Meeting 7:00pm- Marion room

            27        Math Mania

            28        Grandparent/Special Friend 8th Grade- CHURCH HALL


OCTOBER – Little Caesars/Rummage Sale                                       

             4        Little Caesars Pizza Orders DUE                                          

9         School Staff Conference Dinner hosted by PTO                             

             9        Little Caesars Pizza Truck Pick Up

            18        Picture Re-takes                                                                                

            26        Rummage Sale Drop Off CHURCH HALL

            27        Rummage Sale and clean up            


NOVEMBER – Rockin Jump                                                                              

            7          PTO Board Meeting; 7:00pm- Room 105

9          Grandparent/Special Friend Event 6th Grade CHURCH HALL Breakfast  

            19        Rockin Jump- 4-8pm                                                                                                                                                             

DECEMBER -                                                                                  

                        NO BOARD MEETING                                             


JANUARY – Catholic Schools Week

            16        Confirmation Reception; CHURCH HALL

            16        Little Caesars Pizza Order start

            17        Grandparent/Special Friend 4th Grade CHURCH HALL

            23        PTO Board Meeting; 7:00pm- Room 105              

            27-1     Catholic Schools Week                                                                     

            31        Staff Appreciation Luncheon                                           


FEBRUARY Little Caesars                                                                                 

1          Student Day

7          Little Caesars Pizza Orders Due                                                       

14        School Staff Conference Dinner hosted by PTO

14        Little Caesars Pizza Truck Pick UP

26        Pen Pal Event Grades 1st & 7th                                                               


MARCH         Winter Bash/LaRosa’s Dine to Donate

             9         Winter Bash                                                 

            13        PTO Board Meeting; 7:00pm- Room 105                             

            19        Spring Pictures

            19        LaRosa’s Dine to Donate          



            10th      Ball Drop Sales Begin                                                            

            26        Rummage Sale Drop Off CHURCH HALL                                                  

            27        Rummage Sale and clean up                                                            

TBD     Mother/Son Date Night          

17th     PTO Board Meeting 7:00pm- Room 105


MAY   - OLYMPIC DAY                                                                             

            2          Panther Prowl

            9          Ball Drop Sale Ends

4-5th    First Communion                                                                   

            6          K1 Screening

            7          Grandparent/Special Friend 2nd Grade Mass                                  

            9          Panther Prowl Rain date                                

            10        Grandparent/Special Friend K Ice Cream Social CHURCH HALL              

            15        PTO Board Meeting - incoming and outgoing Members- Room 105           

            24        Olympic Day                                                              

            28        Olympic Day Rain Out

            30        Year Book Signing & Luncheon 8th grade CHURCH HALL

             31        Graduation Mass & Party                                                                  

            31        Last Day of School- 2 Hour Early Release                                       


** Please Note some dates are subject to change - we will keep you posted via E-Envelope, Wednesday Envelope, and Facebook (St. James PTO)