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Congratulations to the following students who earned a spot on Mother of Mercy's Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter.
First Honors: Grace Maffey (’15), Kelli Anderson (’14), Kelly Kiganda (’16), Madeline Munro (’13), Gena Porotsky (’15), Alyssa Reynolds (’14), Madison Schmidt (’14), Caroline Steinmetz (’13), and Hannah Wagner (’13)
Second Honors: Miranda Bauer (’13), Mary Beiter (’13), Catherine Bowman (’13), Katherine Knebel  (’14), Kirsten Reynolds (’16), and Ashley Veldhaus (’16)

Congratulations to those students who earned a place on the St. Xavier Honor Roll for the First Semester.

First Honors: Kyle Archdeacon (’14), Joshua Barbee (’16), Zachary Bierman (’16), Mark Eglseder (’14), Sean Hergenrother (’14), Scott Holiday (’13), Andrew Jung (’13), Cameron Kiley (’15), Kyle Kinney (’16), Samuel Klare (’13), Andrew Klas (’16), Alexander Klas (’14), Joshua Knapke (’14), Jacob Knapke (’13), Justin Kruetzkmap (’16), Jacob Lesko (’16), Austin Logue (’16), Ethan Lynch (’16), Joseph Murphy (’13), Zachary Nienaber (’14), Jacob Rodriguez (’15), James Rupp (’15), Thomas Schraivogel (’13), and Nicholas Tonnis (’13)
Second Honors: Austin Blake (’14), Evan Bleh (’14), Lee Bronstrop (’15), Brendan Burck (’15), Alexzander Burger (’15), Britt Caudill (’16), Robert Clark (’13), Joseph Evers (’14), Samuel Glines (’15), Charles Humbert (’16), Nathan Junk (’15), Carson Kiley (’15), Owen Kiley (’14), Jackson Klosterman (’15), Andrew Koenig (’14), Thomas Linnemann (’13), Maxwell Mahoney (’14), Michael Masuck (’14), Maxwell Meehan (’14), Peyton Meyer (’15), Patrick Olding (’14), Ian Russell (’16), Dennis Schwierling (’13), Spenser Smith (’14), and Nathan Uhl (’16).

Congratulations to the following students who earned a spot on the La Salle Honor Roll for the 2nd Quarter.
First Honors: Jordan Atherine (’14), Bryan Barry (’14), Zane Benz (’14), Benjamin Brabender (’13), Andrew Bushman (’13), Jonathan Crase (’16), Clayton Dangel (’14), Nicholas Fay (’13), Matthew Glazier (’13), Michael Hartig (’16), Jacob Lawson (’15), Anthony Meiners (’16), Tyler Meiners (’16), Griffin Merritt (’14), Jonathan Miller (’14), Brandon Minges (’14), William Moore (’13), Nathan Moormann (’13), Hunter Nichols (’16), Andrew Nieman (’15), Alex Oberjohann (’13), Jason Oberjohann (’16), David Orth (’13), Leo Pierani (’14), Austin Romard (’13), Joseph Schmidt (’15), Brennan Schrand (’13), Jacob Seibert (’16), Michael Stewart (’14), Thomas Verhoff (’16), and Joshua Woodward (’13)
Second Honors: Maxwell Bach (’14), Andrew Finley (’13), Samuel Hudson (’14), Tyler Kluener (’16), Kodyn Lambert (’15), Adam Lucas (’13), Ian McConnaughey (’14), Nathan Meiners (’14), Jacob Roberts (’14), and Gabe Sabatelli (’16)

Congratulations to the following high school Northwest Press all stars from the fall season: Griffin Merritt (`14) for La Salle football, Celia Powers (`13) and Carlee Lambert (`13) for McAuley volleyball, and Robert Pearson (`13) for La Salle soccer.

Katrina Raneses (`13) earned a spot on Ursuline’s Honor Roll for first quarter.

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the La Salle High School National Honor Society on Wednesday, November 16: Jordan Atherine, Bryan Barry, Clayton Dangel, Griffin Merritt, Jonathan Miller, Leo Pierani, and Alexander Prinzbach.

Congratulations to the following students who earned a spot on the LaSalle High School 1st Quarter Honor Roll: 1st Honors: Jordan Thomas Atherine (’14), Bryan Patrick Barry (’14), Jonathan Alan Crase (’16), Clayton Dangel (’14), Michael Anthony Hartig (’16), Jacob Scott Lawson (’15), Anthony William Meiners (’16), Tyler William Meiners (’16), Griffin Patrick Merritt (’14), Jonathan James Miller (’14), Dominic Minda-Ramirez (’14), Simon James Nicholas (’16), Hunter Alexander Nichols (’16), Andrew Joseph Nieman (’15), Jason Patrick Oberjohann (’16), Leo Bruno Pierani (’14), Alexander Paul Prinzbach (’14), Jacob David Seibert (’16), Michael Joseph Stewart (’14), Thomas Wilhelm Verhoff (’16), Benjamin George Brabender (’13), Andrew Robert Bushman (’13), Jared Tyler Buttelwerth (’13), Jacob Richard Ernst (’13), Matthew James Glazier (’13), Adam Joseph Lucas (’13), William Charles Moore (’13), Nathan Lee Moormann (’13), Alex Jeffrey Oberjohann (’13), David Michael Orth (’13), Austin Ryan Romard (’13), Brennan Schrand (’13), Jacob Gary Sheppard (’13), Jude Kelly Wellbrock (’13), Hayden Richard Wood (’13), and Joshua Evan Woodward (’13).  2nd Honors: Maxwell Michael Bach (’14), Zane Gary Benz (’14), Samuel Norbert Hudson (’14), Tyler Robert Kluener (’16), Kodyn Lambert (’15), Robert Andrew Ludmann (’16), Ian Michael McConnaughey (’14), Brandon Patrick Minges (’14), Adam Joseph Reynolds (’15), Jacob Patrick Roberts (’14), Gabriel Gianni Sabatelli (’16), Ryan William Sparks (’15), Nicholas William Stewart (’16),  Luke Thiemann (’16), Nathan Patrick Boeckermann (’13), Jaxson William DeHaven (’13), Nicholas Daniel Fay (’13), and Jacob Michael Pfiester (’14).

Timmy Rinear (`14) earned second honors for the 1st Quarter at Elder High School.


Congratulations to the following students who earned a spot on the St. Xavier High School Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter:
First Honors: Kyle Archideacon (’14), Zachary Bierman (’16), Mark Eglseder (’14), Scott Holiday (’13), Andrew Jung (’13), Cameron Kiley (’15), Kyle Kinney (’16), Samuel Klare (’13), Andrew Klas (’16), Alexander Klas (’14), Josh Knapke (’14), Jake Knapke (’13), Jacob Lesko (’16), Austin Logue (’16), Ethan Lynch (’16), Mal Meehan (’14), Joe Murphy (’13), Zachary Nienaber (’14), Jacob Rodriguez (’15), James Rupp (’15), Tommy Schraivogel (’13), Spenser Smith (’13), and Nicholas Tonnis (’13).
Second Honors: Josh Barbee (’16), Austin Blake (’14), Evan Bleh (’14), Lee Bronstrop (’15), Brendan Burck (’15), Alex Burger (’15), Britt Caudill (’16), Matthew Clark (’13), Joe Evers (’14), Sam Glines (’15), Sean Hergenrother (’14), Charles Humbert (’16), Nathan Junk (’15), Carson Kiely (’15), Owen Kiley (’14), Jackson Klosertman (’15), Andrew Koenig (“14), Justin Kruetzkamp (’16), Joseph Linnemann (’15), Thomas Linnemann (’13), Max Mahoney (’14), Michael Masuck (’14), Peyton Meyer (’15), Matthew Neyer (’13), Patrick Olding (’14), Brent Porotsky (’13), Ian Russell (’16), Dennis Schwierling (’13), and Nathan Uhl (’16).

Six McAuley High School athletes signed National Letters of Intent to play sports next year in college at a signing ceremony on November 9. Four of these athletes are from St. James:
Camryn Barnett (`13) – Camryn signed to run track at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio.  She plans to major in early education and would like to teach K-3. Camryn received All Regional Honors in 2015 as a member of the 4x100m relay that finished seventh overall.  She also earned Second Team All GGCL in the 4x100m relay in 2015. At McAuley, Camryn is also a student ambassador and is involved in the school’s service projects. 
Lexi Chrisman (`13) – Lexi Chrisman signed to play basketball at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she plans to major in bio-engineering and then go to medical school to become an anesthesiologist. Last season, she averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. She has received All GGCL recognition as well as All District and All City. At McAuley, Lexi is also a member of National Honor Society and the Women In Engineering program. 
Carlee Lambert (`13) – Carlee Lambert signed to play volleyball at Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, where she will major in nursing. During the 2016 volleyball season, Carlee was nominated to the Second Team All GGCL, played in 81 sets and had 241 kills. In 2015, she received the All GGCL Honorable Mention. At McAuley, Carlee is also a member of National Honor Society, the Women in Medicine Program, and she is a student ambassador. 
Celia Powers (`13) – Celia Powers signed to play volleyball at Wright State University, where she plans to study business. During the 2016 volleyball season, Celia was nominated to the First Team All GGCL, First Team All District, and received an Honorable Mention All-Ohio. She played in 81 sets, had 282 kills, 40 aces, 190 digs, and 113 blocks. In 2015, she was nominated for First Team All GGCL and Second Team All District, and in 2014, she received an Honorable Mention All GGCL.

McAuley’s Latin II Certamen Team, including Ashley Bushman, Katelyn Freese, and Katlyn Havlin, finished in first place at the University of Cincinnati Certamen, held October 29. Three of the four team members are St. James graduates.  More than 100 students on over a dozen teams competed in the event. Certamen is a game of fast recall of facts about classical civilizations and its people, languages, and cultures. The matches are intended to be fun, competitive and informative.  McAuley’s Latin students will compete in the Miami University Certamen on November 12, the Xavier University Certamen on January 7, and the Summit Country Day Certamen on February 4 before the State Certamen match on February 25 in Columbus. Last year, McAuley's Latin students finished 5th overall in the state and was the Top All-Girls School in Ohio for the 11th year.

Saint Ursula Academy is pleased to announce that the following students have earned honors for the first quarter of the 2016-2017 school year. First Honors: Natalie Archdeacon, Colleen Booth, Eva Caudill, Gracie Clark, Natalie Coughlin, Kelly Murphy, and Kathryn Schulte.  Second Honors: Emma Helwig, Brigid Murphy, and Isabel York.

The following alumni will appear in The Diary of Anne Frank at McAuley High School on November 4-6: Kathryn Brucato (`16), Olivia Evans (`16), Lynsey Ficker (`13), Emily Girmann (`16), Meghan Hoffman (`16), Ally Knizner (`14), Elizabeth Riedel (`14), and Madison Stone (`14).

Congratulations to the 2015 La Salle Varsity Soccer Team for earning the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Team Academic Award.  To earn this award, the Lancers earned a team GPA average of 3.53 for the 2015-16 academic year and had at least a 3.25 GPA for every quarter.  La Salle is one of only 138 boys teams across the country to earn this recognition.  Members of the 2015- 2016 Varsity Soccer Team included Zachary Tegge ('12), Robert Pearson (`13), Justin Kahny (`13), Andrew Bushman (`13), Nathan Moormann (`13), and Jared Schulze (`14).

Congratulations to these National Merit Commended students from St. Xavier High School: Matthew Clark (`13), Sam Klare (`13), Brent Porotsky (`13), and Nicholas Tonnis (`13).

La Salle Drama will be presenting the musical School of Rock on October 27-30 at La Salle High School. The following alumni are in the musical: Joshua Woodward (`13) starring as Dewey, Gabrielle Mouch (`15) as Patty, Kristin Elchynski (`14) as Madison, Bryan Barry (`14) as Mr. Noble, Alex Prinzbach (`14) as Mr. Sanders and Theo, Brennan Schrand (`13) as Mr. Williams, Bradley Kramer (`16) as Mr. Ward, Ally Knizner (`14) as Mrs. Turner, Morgan Quattrone (`14) as Emo girl 2, and Cierra Blakeman (`16) as Emo girl 1.  Nicholas Stewart (`16), Michael Hartig (`16) and Jonathan Tegge (`16) are part of crew.
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Byson Albright ('08) made the roster of the Buffalo Bills.

The Class of 1966 will be celebrating their 50 year class reunion on September 17, 2016, at Pebble Creek Country Club.  For more information please contact Marcie (Kolks) Holbrok at

Congratulations to the following athletes who were recognized as All Stars for their efforts during the high school spring season by the Northwest Press: Andrew Sexton (`12) - La Salle High School Baseball, Ava Lawson (`12) - McAuley High School Softball, Hailey McAdoo (`15) - McAuley Softball, Aubrey Brunst (`12) - McAuley High School Softball, Annie Klein (`13) - McAuley High School Track & Field, Carlee Lambert (`13) - McAuley High School Track & Field, and Jeffrey Bogenschutz (`12) - La Salle High School Tennis.

Students from McAuley and Mother of Mercy participated in an Immersion Retreat June 19 – 24 with St. Vincent de Paul’s Ozanam Center for Service Learning in Over-the-Rhine. St. Vincent de Paul's immersion experiences, which promote Catholic social teaching, are designed for groups of Cincinnatians to raise awareness, encourage mutual respect, and promote solutions that bring impactful and lasting change to our community. During the six-day retreat, students prayed, worked, ate, and slept at St. Vincent de Paul’s Bank Street location, and immersed themselves in the neighborhoods of Over-the-Rhine, West End, East Price Hill, and Lower Price Hill. They served breakfast at a food pantry; walked from the West End to Over-the-Rhine, and talked with residents along with way about their community and the impact of gentrification; talked with Ollie from Ollie’s Trolley about the Over-the-Rhine community; made home visits to the poor; played with children through Santa Maria Community Services in lower Price Hill; and attended Mass at St. Joseph Church in the West End. The students also participated in a poverty simulation exercise, to experience what it is like for people who are on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. The students were placed in small groups and were given $6 (the equivalent of one day’s worth of food stamps) to buy a healthy dinner for a family of four from the Vine Street Kroger. They then cooked and ate the food at the Bank Street location. Through the Homeless Coalition, the students listened to speakers who talked about their life as homeless individuals. They also learned about advocacy efforts for the homeless. The retreat concluded with a prayer service and a commissioning ceremony. “This experience taught me that just a simple smile can really brighten one's day, and to always treat others with respect and dignity,” said Grace Dorr (`13), a senior at McAuley. “The most rewarding aspect of my experience was to see how much love and hope can make such a difference in other's lives, and that it's always important to appreciate everything you have.” The McAuley students who attended included Grace Dorr (`13), Bridgette Kahny (`13), Nikki Kerth (`13), and Lindsey Soto (`13).

McAuley High School's summer musical is The Wizard of Oz. The show will be performed on July 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m. and July 17 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at or at the door.  Danielle Mouch (`12) is starring as Dorothy, Gabrielle Mouch (`15) as a Tree and Special Dancer, Ally Knizner (`14) as an Ozian Soloist and Special Dancer, Elizabeth Reidel (`14) as a Tot and Special Dancer, and Madison Stone (`14) as Assistant Stage Manager.

Several McAuley students and faculty and staff members participated in two different summer service trips recently. Ellie Nieman (`13), Jenna Averbeck (`12), Emma Hudepohl (`13), and Annie Klein (`13) were part of the group in Kissimmee, Florida, at the Give Kids the World Village, a 70-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to week-long, cost-free fantasy vacations. The students performed various tasks such as helping the families get their meals with ease, serving food and snacks, working kids’ rides such as the train and carousel, as well as helping with a variety of kids’ games. Emma Hudepohl (`13), Annie Schindler (`13), Annie Klein (`13), Sydney Bennett (`13), and Nicole Armbruster (’13) were part of the group in Appalachia through the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), which is committed to improving the lives of Appalachian children, families, and seniors who are struggling to escape poverty. The students spent the week serving a family of five in Jackson County and making needed repairs to their home. They built a porch and a ramp, completed an addition with drywall and electric, and installed insulation, windows and underpinnings.